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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my cat to use its new scratcher? Most cats seem to know that this new scratcher you’ve brought home is just for them! They will usually explore it themselves and most cats will start scratching the roped pole within minutes! For the more shy cats, give them time to explore. Soon enough it will become their favorite spot!

Does my cat scratcher need any maintenance? If you have a long-haired cat, you may need to brush/vacuum the hair every now and then like you would a normal carpet. 

Where is the best spot to position my cat’s new scratcher? You know your cat’s favorite places. If they enjoy lying in the sun by a certain window, try placing the scratcher here. If your cat likes to be the center of attention, place the scratcher in a prominent place where he can reign over his kingdom. We recommend placing the scratcher in the living room as this is where you and your cat will spend most of your time. We do not recommend putting the scratchers near litter boxes or in unused rooms.

Can I purchase a scratcher for outdoor cats?  Of course you can! Many of us have adopted strays who live both indoors and outdoors.  You may find they will still appreciate a good scratch post. Our scratchers are durable enough for even the feistiest of outdoor cats.

My cat is disabled/old. Will he use a cat scratcher?  Just because your cat is older or injured, does not mean his cat instincts disappear! We have activity centres with ramps to make easy access to the houses and platforms. Take a look at “Step-It-Up” and “Kitten-Up” on our Scratch Posts page. You can also arrange to custom design one for your cat’s special needs. 

My cat is declawed, so he doesn’t need a scratcher. Actually, even declawed cats will go through the motions of scratching! They still love a good stretch and marking their territory. Plus, our products are more than scratchers, they are playgrounds, and will become your cat’s new palace!

Will I be charged for delivery? At Claw & Paw we want everything to be convenient for you.  If you live in Abu Dhabi and order through our website, we will arrange a time to deliver your new scratcher right to your doorstep free of charge! Deliveries to Dubai and Al Ain will have a delivery charge of 150AED. Please contact us to get a quote for delivery to other emirates.

Does my new scratcher come with a warranty?  We hand-make each individual scratcher to the highest quality.  However, if you have any problems with your scratcher, we are happy to fix it for you, or replace it. 

I’d like to share a photo of my cat on his new scratcher!  Yes, please! We love receiving feedback and photos from our customers. Cats can be very critical so to see them having so much fun inspires us to build more! Send us your pics and we’ll add them to our gallery!

Okay, I want one! Great! See our How to Order page for our contact information and list of suppliers.