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Why do cats scratch?


Cats scratch for many reasons including marking of territory, exercising, and of course because it feels good! When your cat scratches your furniture it leaves behind a scent which is how he marks his territory. Your cat will mark highly visible parts of the house. By providing a safe place to scratch, such as one of our scratchers, you will save the furniture.

Scratching posts are essentially a waste of money UNLESS properly designed and built. Our handmade scratchers have been ergonomically designed and built for the average house cat. For a scratcher to be of any use, the post must be at least 28inches (70cm) in height for your cat to stretch out. Other products sold do not take this vital measurement into account! Try it yourself. Measure the length from your cats paw tips to its hips and then imagine it scratching a post that is 15 inches tall!

To be fully effective, the scratcher should be placed in a prominent position in a room that the cat uses often. Placing it next to the litter is not desirable, but having your scratcher in the living room is ideal, so he doesn’t feel left out! The sleek, modern, and stylish design of our scratchers mean they fit well into every house.  We also have a variety of carpet colours for you to choose from.

All cat owners have experienced the frustration of damaged furniture and carpets. While this is an instinctive behaviour that cannot be “fixed”, we provide a solution whereby you can save your furniture, and your cats can be cats. 

Take a look at our standard designs and activity centres, or find our how you can create your own custom design.